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Colorization samples of two very old photos which started out as black and white and sepia.
We removed a person and other objects and added some color in this sample.
A good family photo was improved by removing the cluttered background.
Customer Message: "Hi Gerry. The photos arrived and I was delighted.  Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job and also for staying in touch during the process.  I will recommend you to friends who may want some restoration done on their photos."
The old photograph on the left is the actual size we were sent to work with. It was full of cracks, scratches and missing whole areas. We were able to obtain the results you see in the restoration photo on the right.
The old photograph on the left was very small and full of cracks and scratches. It had also received a paint job by a small child who felt that it needed some color.
This photo was inadvertently passed through a shredder. The strips were then taped back together. We were able to fully restore the picture removing all of the visible lines. As long as the critical areas of the face are mostly intact most photographs are repairable.
This photo is a good example of what happens to a lot of pictures. The original colors are obscured by a color cast. Most people do not notice this color change until it becomes severe.

Detail on the globe in the lower left had completely faded away, so we cloned in a new globe. 
Color cast removal.
Customer comments: "Wow, I am truly amazed! 
Technology today is great isn't it?  Thank you so much.... wow.... Rachael."
This heritage tintype genealogy photo was in extremely poor condition. Many areas were damaged or missing, and the entire image was covered in dust and scratches. 

Many hours were spent restoring this antique family picture.
This precious family photo turned out to be quite a challenge because its surface was severely damaged. A large amount of detail was missing and had to be re-created. After a great deal of hard work, we were able to obtain good results.
This photo had faded away in a wedding photo album until we rescued it.
This picture had serious glare caused by camera flash. Many a good photo could be greatly improved by removing glass glare. We can remove common eye glasses glare so the eyes are visible again.
We were asked to repair two photos and then merge them into a new photo. In order to do this we removed the backgrounds from both and created a new plain background for the new combined photo. As you can see the final new photo on the right looks pretty good.
Here is a sample of photo colorization in which a sepia picture was colorized with very good results. This photo enhancement required a lot of fine detail work on the native dress which increased the fee. Fine detail, lots of people, and a complicated background also increase cost.