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​​Customer Feedback - Comments and Testimonials
Most people just say thanks, but some take the time to show their appreciation for our photo restoration services. Here are a few select comments and testimonials. 

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. The restored files and photos arrived and I have to tell you we love them! The 5x7's are gorgeous and we have given them out to family members who really treasure them. Thanks so much for all your hard work, we are so pleased with the results. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again!  M. B. 

I received the final photo. Again, I want to say how beautiful it came out. I had a local photographer try to restore an old picture of my father just after he died- she charged me a fortune and it came out just OK.  When I showed my mother this proof, we were both just sick.  We both said we know where to go next time.  Again thank you  M. K. 

Marlene could you please forward this to the Genealogy group.

Hi all, I have found a person who will do photo restoration of your old time photos.  He works great, and fast.  All is done by either picture, scan, or whatever you have.  I have taken a picture that was copied by a photocopier, at least twice, the photo was destroyed, and he brought it back to the point to where you can view it real easy.  The best part of all is the price.  It is affordable for all.  So if you have a photo to fix, for restore send to him.  He does you up a proof, then you look at it, then if all is okay you purchase, and he sends you a picture or a e-mail with the corrected photo.

We have been looking for such a service for a long time.  He has a web page for all to look at and his e-mail is

Just so you know this is a 40th wedding anniversary gift as this is the only photo my wife’s parents have of them at their engagement party, taken and developed by her dad’s brother and was out of focus at the time!  Your effort will make two people extremely happy and your service is worth every penny. I could not have asked for a faster turnaround or better communication. Feel free to use any of my comments on your website to promote your service.

Thank you so much for your professional services, again as I said before both versions are fabulous.  It truly was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Thanks so much once again.  My parents will be very surprised to get the photo for Christmas.  I think they will love your work.  I will definitely recommend you to others, and I will definitely use your services again. Merry Christmas!

Hi Gerry..........The photos arrived and I was delighted. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job and also for staying in touch during the process. I will recommend you to friends who may want some restoration done on their photos. I also thought your service was prompt and the cost reasonable.  Thanks so much again.

Congratulations on a superb job of photo coloring. All the colors look perfectly natural. You have converted a pair of fair old pictures into works of art while retaining their integrity.

Thank you for the wonderful service keep up the great work! I will be telling all my family and friends to log on to your site.

About a year ago you restored a severely damaged photo of my great grandfather. My mother loved it so much as it was the only image she had of her grandfather. So I'm back with another family photo. Thanks.

Gerry, I really liked the job you did on my photo, please find attached another photo that I'd like to be restored. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

All in all, anyone who has seen your work (me included), feel you have done a fantastic job. It's hard to create miracles, but you've come pretty close.

WOW!!!   That's wonderful....Looks really an amateur digital photographer I can appreciate how difficult that would have been to attempt by myself...thanks.

Thank you so much!  My mother loved the picture....this was her Mother's Day present.  She just turned 84 this past January.  In the picture, she figures she was about 14.
I have another picture I want restored later in the month.  It isn't nearly in such bad condition.  This one is of my grandmother when she was a young of the few we have.
Thanks again for a wonderful job and for allowing me to give my mother something special.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  What a tremendous difference in the restored copy.  I printed it at 5x7, as you suggested, and it's nice and clear.  This will make a very special Christmas calendar for my daughters.

Regards, Emily....p.s...I bookmarked your website for future use.

We love to receive customer feedback comments and testimonials because it helps validate the main purpose of this site. Which is to help people restore memories.

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