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Software is used to repair digital copies (scans) of old photos which have damage or fading caused by handling or exposure to light over the years. The restoration process is labour intensive due to the fact that each and every defect is dealt with manually. For example, dust spots and scratches are removed one defect at a time for best results. Prices are based on the amount of time required for the restoration project. Quantity discounts are available.

Our basic photo restoration service includes the automatic application of simple enhancements such as clutter removal and horizon straightening where practical. 

Every photo restoration consists of repairing  and or adjusting the following as required:  

  • fading
  • cracking
  • creasing
  • dust spots
  • missing sections
  • sharpness
  • contrast
  • color loss
  • color shifts
  • mildew spots
  • water spots
  • etc


Many photos can benefit from some amount of enhancement. It could be as simple as straightening the horizon and removing some clutter, or as complicated as removing or adding a person to a photo. Both old and new photos can benefit.

Sometimes a snapshot taken only yesterday in a hurry does not turn out as well as expected. In many cases we can help to improve the image. 

Black & White photos can be converted to color by the tinting process.

  • facial blemishes can be reduced or removed
  • combine two photos into one where practical
  • remove a person or persons from a photo
  • add a person or persons to a photo
  • remove distracting items such as a pole growing out of the subjects head
  • remove or reduce eye glass glare cause by flash
  • etc


Most people have a large collection of photos, slides and negatives stored in albums or boxes. The photographic medium is not stable and can deteriorate over the years. You just have to take a good look at some of your photos hanging on the wall to see that older photos lose detail and suffer from color loss or color shift over time. 

When is the last time you looked at your collection of photos or slides? 

Slides can be digitized and saved to DVD. Once this is done, they are protected from further decay and can be easily viewed on your TV as a sideshow.

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