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Old, faded, ripped photo of man and woman on wedding day.
Repaired photo of man and woman on wedding day.

Old Photo Restoration Service

Family photo repair, old photo restoration and enhancement by experienced photo restorers.
Most people have old photographs which have become faded and worn out over the years. Photos exposed to light will continue to fade until colors and detail start to disappear completely. Now is the time to convert your most prized photo memories to digital. Once converted to digital and restored, new prints can be made. The newly created digital files act as replacement negatives which will never deteriorate.
  • convert old black & white photos to color.
  • restoring family genealogy photos or even special snapshots is a great way to re-connect with the past. 
  • restored images are great gift ideas for anniversaries, family re-unions, birthdays. Etc.. 
  • all you need to access our photo restoration service is a scanner and email.
  • our photo repair and enhancement service is fully guaranteed. 
Our restoration process involves adjusting contrast, sharpness, and fixing color fade. Missing detail areas are replaced, and all scratches and dust spots are removed. In short, we do whatever is required to produce the best possible results. 
All photos sent to us by mail for repair are treated with care and returned safely. Send us a copy of a photo by email and receive the finished product back the same way or by mail if ordering prints. 
Not all photos can be successfully restored but we have a very good track record. 
Give us a try!! 
The simplified process starts with you sending us a photo by email for review:
Scan photos in color at 300 to 600 dpi – high quality jpeg
Send scans by email or mail your photos to us 
Receive a firm no-obligation price quote by email
Receive a proof by email for review and approval 
Pay for the service by Paypal
Receive fully repaired photos by email and or prints by mail.
For more information about our photo restoration service, contact us today.

Training Workshops

Are you a photographer that wants to improve your photo editing and touch ups for portraits, boudoir or wedding images? Join boudoir photographer Michael Jones and I at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, March 17, 2024. We will be having a masterclass event in the conference center. Contact us for details on how to enroll for the masterclass.