About Us

Faded, torn photo of 3 people.
Repaired photo of 3 people.
Image Master was started as a photo retouching service in 1998 by Gerald Legere. Through his interest in all things photographic he decided to restore and archive the family photo collection to CD and thereby preserve the memories. As a result of this project he learned how to restore photos using Photoshop. He realized that there must be a real need for such a service which could easily be conducted by the use of email and the web.
So the Image Master web site was created in 1998. It started very small and has remained small so that good service can be offered at very competitive prices with good turn-around times and great customer service. We have no interest in becoming the biggest photo restoration company on the web. We only want to provide good quality service at good prices to our customers. By staying small we have been able to achieve this. 
Since 1998 we have helped many people in Canada and the U.S.A. with their restoration projects. We also help people archive slides and photos to digital copies on DVDs. rendering them safe from further deterioration, and making photo collections easy to access and view.
If you are looking for photo restoration in or near Winnipeg you can trust our quality of service. We take pride in the fact that some of our customers find the time to thank us for the personalized photo restoration services we offer. 
Customers have also shown their satisfaction by recommending our old photo restoration services to friends and coming back with new restoration projects.