Shipping Photos To Image Master

Shipping Photos To Image Master

We have found that the mail service in the United States and Canada is safe to use. 
They both offer tracking services as well. It is a good idea to take advantage of the extra security.  

Place photos between two pieces of cardboard or similar protection. The cardboard should be  
a bit larger than the largest photo. 

Use a padded envelope or special “Photo Mailer” package if you wish. 

Shipping containers should be marked “Do not bend” on both sides.
 If you fill out a customs form, it should be marked “photos” no value.


Scan photos in color (even black & white images). Save as high quality jpeg or tiff.

Do not make any adjustments to the photos during or after scanning.

Scan at 300 – 600 dpi.

You may send a low resolution image for us to evaluate, but when it comes to restoring a digital
photo, higher resolutions are best. 

If you don’t have a scanner you could go to a copy center like FedEx Kinko’s, and have them do it for you.
They can copy the scans to a memory stick which can be mailed to us.

Try our photo repair or enhancement service. Breathe new life into those special old family pictures.