Q. Should I mail my original photo or send it by email for old photo restoration services? 
A. All we need is a good scan copy to work with (300-600 dpi) so email works well. You can mail the photo to us if you don’t gave a scanner.
Q. My photo is small. Can it be printed at 8×10 with your photo restoration service? 
A. Old small photos should not be enlarge too much. 5X7 is a good size unless the photo is of very high resolution and quality. We will advise you as to the recommend print size for a particular photo. 
Q. I don’t have a scanner. What can be done?
A. If you take your photo to a local photo copy store they should be able to scan it for you. It should be scanned at 300 or 600 dpi. They could also copy it to a memory stick.
Q. If I mail my photo to you would it be safe? 
A. Yes. We work from a scanned copy and do not touch the original. Your photo would be returned undamaged. 
Q. What do I receive back? 
A. If you sent a photo by mail you receive it back along with any ordered prints. You receive a digital copy by email as well. 
If you ordered by email you will receive a digital copy by email and prints by mail if ordered.
Q. How do I place an order? 
A. Most people start by sending us an email describing the photo(s) that they wish to have restored. They usually ask about price and how long it will take to be completed. They often include a sample of the photo. 
Q. You copy photos to DVD at your photo retouching service. What is the advantage of this? 
A. Photographic prints, slides and negatives will deteriorate with age. Digital copies archived to DVD will not. Photographs stored on DVD can easily be viewed as a slid show on your computer. You can also easily distribute your entire photo collection to family members, and store a copy in a safe place such as a bank vault. 
Q. Do I get to see the finished fixed photo before payment?
A. Yes. We always send a proof by email for your approval before asking for payment.