Old, torn, faded photo of a woman.
Repaired photo of woman.
Photo restoration fees are based on the number of hours required to complete the work. Our price quotes represent an honest estimate of the amount of work involved to obtain the best possible results.
* we always enhance the resolution of small pictures (by using Perfect Resize software), to ensure that they print better in larger formats.
* we always remove dust, scratches, and minor defects even though these faults may not be noticeable at normal viewing distances. We don’t want anything to adversely affect the final print quality.
Simple Restoration or Volume Discounts 
Photo is in very good condition – needs only a few very minor repairs or enhancements. Ask for a quote.
  • One or two scratches or spots.
  • Very minor retouching (red-eye or blemish removal).
  • Very minor color, brightness and contrast adjustments.
Standard  Restoration  $10.00 to $20.00
Photo is in good to poor condition and needs a number of repairs or enhancements.
  • Minor facial features damaged.
  • Moderate scratches or surface cracking.
  • Small areas significantly damaged or missing.
  • Paper wrinkling over some important detail.
  • Moderate mold or water damage.
Major Restoration  $25.00 +
Photo is in very poor to very bad condition and needs extensive repair or enhancement.  
  • Sections of photo missing or significantly damaged.
  • Missing important detail in face or body area.
  • Severe mold and or water damage.
  • Severe or numerous scratches and or surface cracking.
  • Severe fading, yellowing or staining.

Colorization  $10.00 +
Colorize a black and white photo. Price is in addition to any applicable restoration fees. 
  • Price depends on the amount of detail needed to be colorized (ie. the number of people/amount of background detail). Send an email copy for us to review.
Slides and Photo Archiving Service
  • We can digitize and archive your photo collection and slides to CD or DVD for safe keeping and easy viewing. 
Note: We use professional Canon printers, archival inks and papers, for long lasting, good looking prints.
We use semi-gloss or satin paper for prints up to 8×10 unless the customer specifies the paper finish to be used.